Completing workouts while travelling.

Recently spent two weeks away from my bikes, home pool and comfortable running routes.  I know what you are thinking, stop your whining.  It was definitely a first for me as an amateur triathlete.  First off, I wasn't cooking for myself so eating healthy at military dining facilities was difficult.  I really miss my wife's cooking as she really goes all out mixing delicious and healthy meals for our family.  At first, I ate extremely healthy but then I found that I was truly missing out. I started eating less healthy and figured I would make it up in work outs like most triathletes do.  See my previous post about being a fat triathlete.

The other hard hard part was I was on a course with other engineers who I have not seen in a while and let's say that some drinks were had.  I definitely need to write a post about triathletes that still have a good time with alcohol because everything I read says it is terrible for triathletes. I cannot seem to find any triathletes who 'work hard, play hard' like me and have a beer with after a race.  I guess it goes against the hydrating principles. What do you do when travelling away from the home life and lacrosse practice and tumble tots?

I thought to myself, I am flying Air Canada and I could bring my bike as I was away for two weeks.  I could bring my skipping rope and running shoes because that is easier to pack.  I hate spin bikes and that is why I only spun 4 times in two weeks.  I got to the pool a few times and ran when it was nice out.  Overall it was an okay two weeks away from all my comfortable stuff.

I reached out to the local military triathlon club and realized once I got home that Facebook filtered the messages and I received them too late.  That is better than assuming the entire club was snubbing me.  I don't how the semi-professional and professional guys and gals get the job done while travelling.  I follow a few of them on instagram and I am always impressed by how they still get their training completed while travelling.  One of my favourite guys to follow is Jeff Fairbanks, creator of the triumph project. His plan is to complete 21 70.3 Half-Ironman in 21 different cities.  Obviously he is moving by RV and is constantly on his trainer while they are travelling somewhere.  I am still trying to figure out how he is doing his swim training.

What tips and tricks would give someone?  I find the change in routine made it really hard for me to concentrate like a normal work week/weekend.  It might have been easier if I travelled with someone to keep me honest like my club would.

My club was busy putting on the navy tridents triathlon while I was gone which made me sad. I could not compete and volunteer for the kick off event of the Triathlon Nova Scotia season.  Brand new course for reasons outside of our control but TNS and our Race Director and Executive worked really hard to get the course organized for race day.  Always trouble finding enough volunteers but it came together nicely and I think people had fun.

Short post this week. Leave a comment for some tips and tricks.



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