When you loose someone close to you who was doing something that they loved...

This will be hard.  I know I have not blogged in a little while.  Actually the last post was drafted quite a few weeks ago but had a busy, sad month. Recently my family and friends lost someone very young in a cycling collision.  His name was Kevin Hurley, and he was the best kind of guy I know.  The last few weeks we have celebrated his work, education, sport and life accomplishments.  There is actually too many to describe on this post. He was a social rockstar and was very caring when he conversed with you.  He always tried to live each day as though it was his last; he was notorious for squeezing so much stuff into one day that he could nap on demand to recharge when the opportunity presented itself. He was always the first one to pass out at a party then wake up to be the life again 30 minutes later.

Actually Kevin introduced my brother, Matt to cycling which years later my brother convinced me to start.  We actually have the same bike.  Kevin was getting in a quick 50 km ride before picking up his parents from the airport when a truck struck him in Wolfville, NS.  Stories of a picturesque valley with the sun shining and rainbow in the background of the site later that day demonstrates that something tragic happened here and someone special was headed to heaven.  He was taken far too young and the world is definitely worse off with him gone.

This news has really hit my family and my wife very hard.  I think we all will attempt to live a little bit like him.  Which is definitely a positive to take out this tragic event. I do not and cannot even begin to sympathize with his two brothers and sister ( Mike, Sean and Andrea) and parents are going through. I am trying not to focus on the tragedy of this terrible situation but really focus on the good he brought to this world and how everyone he touched must now aim to better themselves and try to be a little bit like Kevin.

This means we all must live his legacy going forward.  Take one or two of his quirks and navigate your life to do what Kevin would have done.  That could be volunteer or set up a charity event.  Work really hard to improve your education.  Get friends and family together and cherish those moments as you never know if it could be your last.

Don't live in fear or regret.  Life is full of challenges and ups and downs. That is what makes us human.  I know for me it has motivated myself to work towards my goals. In a matter of two weeks I shaved 7 minutes off my second Olympic triathlon just thinking about him.  One of my goals is to cherish memories with my family and not worry about being a slave to society(work/sleep) as you can really get caught up in that. I am going to train for longer distance triathlon and stay religious to my training plan and eat a little bit better.  I am going to try and volunteer with the Bike Halifax crew who are trying to work with the city to make cycling within Halifax more accessible.  I truly believe if everyone who drove a vehicle got on a bicycle and drove on the road one day a year, everyone would be a little bit more careful.

For those who can't ride, I will ride for you and he can live on through me.

RIP Kevin Hurley.


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