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Completing workouts while travelling.

Recently spent two weeks away from my bikes, home pool and comfortable running routes.  I know what you are thinking, stop your whining.  It was definitely a first for me as an amateur triathlete.  First off, I wasn't cooking for myself so eating healthy at military dining facilities was difficult.  I really miss my wife's cooking as she really goes all out mixing delicious and healthy meals for our family.  At first, I ate extremely healthy but then I found that I was truly missing out. I started eating less healthy and figured I would make it up in work outs like most triathletes do.  See my previous post about being a fat triathlete.

The other hard hard part was I was on a course with other engineers who I have not seen in a while and let's say that some drinks were had.  I definitely need to write a post about triathletes that still have a good time with alcohol because everything I read says it is terrible for triathletes. I cannot seem to find any triathletes who …

book the 'dam' race

Booking the ‘dam’ race

There is a lot of factors that may lead you to booking your first race.  For me, it is step one as it ensures that I will train because I am out money for something that will occur in the future.  I am a results oriented guy so I require ultimatum’s.  
Booking a race turned my easy 30 min lane swims at lunch to 1-1.5 hr Navy Trident practices with a real coach Stevie Beave ( this was my nickname in University). Again I forgot to ask him if he minded if I blog about him. I would bet he wouldn’t care but for now we will keep him anonymous.  
He is a great volunteer swim coach and we only pay him when he works past free o’clock so thanks Stevie. Anyways he always told me to book the race and join the triathlon club Facebook group and the rest was history.  
Now obviously this requires money but think of it as an investment. Usually races go up in price over time, so booking races early actually saves you money.  Therefore it costs you money to procrastinate and let…