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Being a Triathlete in the Navy

So you walk into a recruiting centre and you get asked, Do you like camping. You instantly think back to that terrible time in high school and snap back with, "I prefer fishing". Next thing you know, you are being sworn in under her majesty's Royal Canadian Navy.  This job is not your usual 9-5 in the city.  If you actively work in an operational environment, it means you need to be surrounded by water.  It is too late, you have a job to do so you better put your head down and get to it.  Wait there is more.

When on active duty you are either on shift work, or  5 on, 5 off, 7 on, 7 off.  You get to eat/sleep when you are off. It could be day 3 or 30, depending on where you work on a ship, you might not see the sunshine.  It is extremely difficult to motivate yourself when on ship that when you get some down time, to train.  Now convince yourself that you should hop on a treadmill, while holding onto both handles because you are swaying back and fourth at saes. How well w…

Treat yo'self

I read lots of cool, helpful blogs and articles on being a newbie to triathlon.  The combination of 10 things not to do around cyclists/triathletes and funny stories about the writers’ embarrassing stories have inspired me to write this blog. I really appreciated all of the great advice and funny articles. I too had my clip-in incident where I rode all 10kms unclipping perfectly at stop lights until I arrived at my office and fell like tree onto the sidewalk. The point of this post is to 'treat yo’self’. If you want to be a triathlete and are willing to burn the hours training, my advice is to go out an buy an entry level triathlon bike. I believe most of us spend money on some pretty silly things that depreciate fairly quickly. Bikes seem to hold their value and they look cool.  At least think about cost/gram of bike because I believe someone will see your bike, and judge it by how light it is. Also buy a used a trainer and you have doubled your awesome bike as a stationary bike…

Fat triathletes

Hi, my name is Adam, (loud echo Hi Adam), I am a fat triathlete.  I am athletic and my weight has fluctuated depending on where life takes me but when I can eat healthy and control calories in and out via working out, I can maintain a healthy weight.  I am 5'11" bulky and weigh 225 lbs(currently 210).  I played hockey my whole life so I have very large legs and BMI would state that I am obese. But I am a fit, fat guy. I am one of the fittest people in my Unit.  Came 4th in a 8km running race on Friday and I am Gold exempt in the new fitness test with not much to get to platinum.  However, because I wanted to change my body type and minimize some of my lingering crossfit injuries, triathlon seemed like the best option. I saw the athletes on tv and said hmm this should slim me down to where I want to be.

I will be always be honest on in my blog but I have something to tell you. I was that guy on Facebook talking about how fast I did Fran or my new PR on my One Rep Max. I was c…