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Videos from 2XU Camp and the ketogenic diet

A little more visual than just the pictures.
Let's go through some of the things that I have improved since the camp. First of all two days was not enough with this amazing team, I wish I had 2 months with Funk Monk and Kris Joyner, I wish I worked for 2XU and had an affiliation with the Canadian Sports Institute of Ontario. okay Adam, snap out of it. While on the camp I was chatting with Abi, she is a fitness model and even though 2XU was paying for food, she stuck to her meal plan which was basically consistent, perfect sized portions to stick to her plan.  It was really something to see such great will power. She also found out about my addiction to gummy bears and gummy candy in general.  I made an excuse that it was cheaper than gels and it was likely linked to why I was a fat triathlete.  So she proceeded to make me watch the how gummy bears are made in reverse(youtube) and I can honestly say I have eliminated 98% of the gummy treats I used to eat. I also cut out sugar from…