Videos from 2XU Camp and the ketogenic diet

A little more visual than just the pictures.

Let's go through some of the things that I have improved since the camp. First of all two days was not enough with this amazing team, I wish I had 2 months with Funk Monk and Kris Joyner, I wish I worked for 2XU and had an affiliation with the Canadian Sports Institute of Ontario. okay Adam, snap out of it. While on the camp I was chatting with Abi, she is a fitness model and even though 2XU was paying for food, she stuck to her meal plan which was basically consistent, perfect sized portions to stick to her plan.  It was really something to see such great will power. She also found out about my addiction to gummy bears and gummy candy in general.  I made an excuse that it was cheaper than gels and it was likely linked to why I was a fat triathlete.  So she proceeded to make me watch the how gummy bears are made in reverse(youtube) and I can honestly say I have eliminated 98% of the gummy treats I used to eat. I also cut out sugar from my coffee and stopped eating bread, pasta and rice.  Call it slow carb or modified atkins diets.  

I had a friend who was doing the ketogenic diet and I have a boatload of emails of endurance athletes trying to sell me on the diet. I started to listen to some podcasts from Tim Ferris ( and started to join some Facebook groups. The hardest part was understanding what I could eat and how I could make it work while being a busy, military, father and eat special food.  I did my best for the month of March.  I could feel when I was in ketosis and when I wasn't. The basics of the diet is to teach your body to run on fat and ketones as energy and limit your carbohydrates to basically green leafy vegetables.  So 5% carbs, 15% protein and 80% fat. I basically eat quality oils with oily meat and cheese all day.  I find I have smoothed my cravings and my belly stopped grumbling.  I am eating less and cuts down on grocery costs. I went from bowl movements daily to once every three days and my energy has been fantastic. I am slowly increasing my triathlon training back into this while I was on the diet. While I was in 2XU camp, I stopped cycling a few months before as a close family friend of mine was killed while cycling. That forced me inside on the trainer and inside is not as fun as outside. I really lost my mojo and started to gain weight.  Before the DEXA scan at the CSIO in Toronto. I weighed 220 lbs which scored BMI in the Obese range and 28.2% body fat around my organs/stomach.  Since I am moving back to Barrie, Ontario, I cannot wait to get get another DEXA scan to show you exactly how much weight I lost.

While we were at the camp, we finished our Functional Movement Screen and proceeded to a farmer's carry of half of our body weight. Now I was at the camp with some fit people but lets just say that I had to farmer's carry the heaviest weights.  Here's your sign. We also did some great mobility classes to re structure our thought process on how mobile we could be. I have really been trying to incorporate rolling and stretching every day. I still have my weaker muscles and typical sore muscles but I think I have improved my range and that has led to less soreness and hopefully injury.

Since starting the diet with my wife in May I have lost 18 lbs in 6 weeks.  She has lost 10 lbs in 4 weeks and we are motivated to keep going to see how lean we can get. I provided myself a few long weekends to change up the diet and take a break to keep the metabolism guessing.  I am currently 208 lbs and my goal is 200 lbs for race season.  I can honestly say that without the motivation from the 2XU camp, I would not have been able to accomplish this feat.  The goal is to maintain this weight and get all new clothes because right now not a lot of stuff fits me.  I am doing the diet completely natural using food and not supplementing anything.  Anyone can do this diet too but it requires some serious will power.  The fact that I can cycle in the triathlon/time trial position and breathe goes to show you that loosing 20 lbs will make a huge difference in my performance. I am noticing it in my swim and on the bike.  Wish me luck to keep it off. 

My 2XU gear fits me even better and I love wearing tights now.  The secret is out.  You can't knock it until you have tried it either. 

I also want to shout out to everyone out there trying to make a difference every day in a positive way.  Try not to focus on the loosing weight or the number on the scale. I feel better and I think that is the most important thing to aim for while on the diet. Whether you are working out at the gym, with a trainer or trying to run/walk more, keep it up!  You will feel better and you will get to your goals. I also need to post about/ensure that regular blood work and guidance of medical professionals is important while on the diet as well. The diet it not for everyone but I feel great and that means something. If you wanted to try it, you get to eat bacon, advacados, fish, muscles and cheese.  I am eating a bunch of free range egg's with coconut oil on spinach every morning. If you want more information on the diet, comment below and we can chat more about it. I took a few books from our library and that helped explore and change up the food.

Warning: the below image is the scan of my body.  You have been warned. Thanks for reading. Stay tuned for future updates.


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