book the 'dam' race

Booking the ‘dam’ race

There is a lot of factors that may lead you to booking your first race.  For me, it is step one as it ensures that I will train because I am out money for something that will occur in the future.  I am a results oriented guy so I require ultimatum’s.  

Booking a race turned my easy 30 min lane swims at lunch to 1-1.5 hr Navy Trident practices with a real coach Stevie Beave ( this was my nickname in University). Again I forgot to ask him if he minded if I blog about him. I would bet he wouldn’t care but for now we will keep him anonymous.  

He is a great volunteer swim coach and we only pay him when he works past free o’clock so thanks Stevie. Anyways he always told me to book the race and join the triathlon club Facebook group and the rest was history.  

Now obviously this requires money but think of it as an investment. Usually races go up in price over time, so booking races early actually saves you money.  Therefore it costs you money to procrastinate and let’s get serious, are you really going to go for a run or bike if you don’t have a carrot. Okay you are more motivated than me. 

Once you book the race, you will feel anxiety, excitement, hungry, guilt but you will be motivated to get out there. A matter of fact, quick go for a run and really drive down your confidence because you have not ran outside in 18 months.  It doesn’t matter your story, I cannot swim, run or bike. There is a race out there for you.  So book it. 

If you really want to be successful, guilt someone else in to booking the dam race as well and throw someone else under the bus.  Instant training partner to keep you accountable and to keep up with the Jones’ with.  If you do not have a Triathlon bike, see my previous blog entry about treating yourself and buying yourself some sweet gear now.  

If you have time check out my favourite blogger and product reviewer. "DC Rainmaker"

He always gives honest feedback and is one of the most if not the most powerful blogger on the web.  

I have asked Suunto Canada to help me out recently. I wanted to help out any triathlete's who recently lost everything in the large fire in Fort Mac, Alberta.  Suunto has offered me a discount to purchase a Suunto Ambit3 to complete a product review and then fundraise using the watch to donate some money to a triathlete that will not have their items replaced through insurance and show some empathy for the life changing event.  Watch and shoot for my first product review and tribute to Suunto for being the only company who actually wrote me back.

Thanks for reading, leave a comment about booking the race or the fundraising efforts for the Fort Mac Fire. This is version 2.0.  The first version was completed whilst a few beverages were being enjoyed.  Too bad there is no drunk check for bloggers.  


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